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Armani circle.

Our cover boy! When you look at the label for Champions Choice, we want you to know the story.

BISS GCH Blissful’s Armani was a dream come true for us. He was our very first Bred By champion. He is the face of our Champions Choice. He is pictured on the label with the prestigious traveling trophies that he brought home after winning Best in Show at the Saint Bernard National in Santé Fe, NM in 2015.

While we were obviously proud to have the trophies in our home for a year, their significance is much deeper for us, and our mission statement. Those trophies have been traveling to winner of the National for many, many years before us, and will be for many years after we are gone. To have Armani’s name on those trophies reminds us of the fact that we are part of something much bigger than us. We feel it is our responsibility to make sure that the product we produce is not only good for us, but for you, and especially your animals that you put so much pride in.

Some of the cows that are producing the milk we use hail from cow families that have been working side by side with our family for nearly a century. So believe us when we say that we completely understand your dedication to your pets, we feel it on both the dog, and cow side.

With that in mind, there was no second choice for the face of our label. Armani will always serve as a reminder to us that if you work hard enough, and never waiver in your beliefs, dreams really can come true. When you look at the label, we hope you are inspired to keep chasing your dreams.

Why Champions Choice?
We began feeding kefir milk to our own kennel in 2018. We had been told it was an excellent source of probiotics, and we decided to try it as a way to keep the dogs on feed, with no interruptions. We were convinced it was helping, but maybe not to the extent we had hoped.

Since the end of 2014, the milk companies have been paying well below production costs. It didn’t make much sense to us, to continue buying kefir, while giving our milk away. So…….we started experimenting. Glass jars, and clay jugs dotted our kitchen counter with different versions, different kefir grains, different fermentation times, and so on, and so on, and so on.

The result seems to be exactly what we had hoped for. The most consistent, farm fresh kefir for the kennel, and way to at least allow the milk price to be above production cost for beloved herd of cows.

Check out the BlissfulSaints.com, or Championschoicekefir.com, for more on our story.

Always remember, we developed it for our kennel, but we share it with yours.