As always: variation, moderation and balance! Kefir is very safe, this is not to say that some pets don’t react negatively to kefir, especially when first trying it. When introducing kefir to your pets, remember to always go slow.

Give your pet’s system time to adjust. For the first few days to a week try half the recommended dosages. This will avoid digestive upset as your pet’s system adjusts to the increase of good flora in their GI tract.

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Recommended Minimum Daily Intake of Kefir
Small size dogs or cats – 1 tbsp. – 2 tbsp.
Medium size dogs – 2 tbsp. – 3 tbsp.
Large dogs – 3 tbsp. – 4 tbsp.

Kefir can work miracles for your pet’s body, so go ahead and start incorporating it into their diets. Remember the three factors mentioned above: variation, moderation and balance and reap the benefits that this wonderful grain has to offer.

Kefir’s packed with probiotics, which can help maintain a healthy gut. It’s particularly beneficial for dogs taking antibiotics, which can destroy some of the good bacteria in the belly. Kefir also contains beneficial yeasts that help counteract destructive yeasts in the body. It is high in probiotics and excellent at rebalancing intestinal bacteria, boosting immunity and correcting loose stool and diarrhea.